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Tips to Navigating Impairment Benefits

March 2024
You may already have qualified for an EEOICPA (Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act) award. Did you know your impairment rating can change over time?

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Home Healthcare: A proactive approach to achieving health goals

February 2024
There is often a perception that Home Healthcare services are only for people with a serious illness or injury. In fact, taking advantage of Home Healthcare services early and taking a proactive approach can help you maintain optimal health and well-being so you can keep doing the things you love in the place you call home.

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What To Do When Your White Card Is Not Accepted

January 2024
As a Department of Labor medical benefits card holder, you are eligible for in-home care and medical benefits including coverage for doctor visits, medical testing and treatments, and prescription medications – all at no cost.

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December 2023
The Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program (EEOICPA) was established in 2000 to address the illnesses of those who worked on the Department of Energy’s Nuclear Weapons Program and were exposed to radiation and toxic chemicals as part of their employment.

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Benefits of In-Home Nursing Care: Nutrition

November 2023
At CNS Cares, we understand as individuals age, their nutritional needs undergo significant changes. In this issue of CareBeat, we highlight how in-home nursing care to support your nutrition goals.

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Benefits of In-Home Nursing for Wound Care

October 2023
Dealing with wounds at home can be intimidating and frightening if you are on your own. In this issue of CareBeat, we highlight the benefits in-home nursing can have for those needing wound care.

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EEOICPA Claims: Part B vs. Part E
Understanding the Difference

September 2023
If you are preparing to file a DOL claim, it’s important to know the differences between the two parts of this act to understand what compensation you are eligible for and how you can access additional benefits over time.

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Working with a Legal Advocate: What You Need To Know

August 2023
The first step towards receiving EEOICPA health care benefits is to prepare and file a claim with the Department of Labor. This can be a long and complicated process. Thankfully, you have options to help support you in filing your claim. CNS Cares provides No Cost Claims Support and we have helped hundreds of former energy workers file successful claims.

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Benefits of Nursing Care to Prevent and Control Infections

July 2023
At CNS Cares, we understand that infection control and prevention can help patients maintain their health and independence at home. In this issue of CareBeat, we explore the benefits of in-home nursing care to treat and prevent infections.

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Enhancing Cancer Care: The Benefits of In-Home Nursing Services

June 2023
At CNS Cares, our primary goal is to ensure our patients’ safety, comfort, and quality of life at home. We understand that being in a familiar environment can greatly contribute to your overall well-being. In this article, we’ll explore the range of benefits in-home nursing services can bring to cancer patients.

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Benefits of In-Home Nursing Care: Avoiding Falls

May 2023
Falls are a major concern for the aging population and the leading cause of injury and injury-related death among individuals aged 65 and above in the United States. One out of four older adults falls each year, making it a public health concern. In-home nursing care can help prevent falls and keep you safe in your home.

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Benefits of In-Home Nursing Care for Respiratory Disease

April 2023
In-home nursing care can be very beneficial for those with respiratory disease by decreasing the amount of time you may spend in the hospital or removing the need to be admitted to a hospital altogether.

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Knowing the Difference Between a Medical Diagnosis and Symptoms

March 2023
To file a Department of Labor claim for EEOICPA benefits, you must first receive a definitive diagnosis by a medical doctor. In this issue of CareBeat, we define the difference between symptoms and a medical diagnosis, and why having a thorough diagnosis from your physician is important in the claims process.

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Benefits of Home Health Care: Exercise

February 2023
Home health care can include a wide range of services from skilled nursing and therapy to wound care and medication management. Many people don’t know that it can also include support for activities of daily living including helping the patient with physical therapy or a regular exercise program.

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What You Need To Know About DOL Benefits

January 2023
If you served as a nuclear energy or uranium worker, you may qualify for significant government benefits through the Department of Labor’s EEOICPA and RECA programs. At CNS Cares, we know all the ins and outs of the EEOICPA program so we can advocate on your behalf to help you maximize your benefits over time.

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What To Do When Your White Card Is Not Accepted

December 2022
As a Department of Labor medical benefits card holder, you are eligible for in-home care and medical benefits including coverage for doctor visits, medical testing and treatments, and prescription medications – all at no cost.

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Adding Consequential Illnesses to Your White Card

November 2022
The Department of Labor’s EEOICPA program provides health care benefits for former Energy Workers for illnesses and impairments resulting from exposures at their employment site. In addition to an accepted condition, the EEOICPA will cover any consequential illness incurred as a result of an accepted condition.

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