CNS Cares Caregiver Program

Who You Choose Matters

Anyone who provides home care for an EEOICPA beneficiary may be eligible for compensation and benefits.

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We CARE About You and Our Team

The CNS Cares Caregiver program makes you our direct employee – not a 1099 Independent Contractor. It is important to understand the difference when selecting your home care provider.

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1099 Contractor

  • Initial pay may seem higher but may not be after accounting for out-of-pocket costs for taxes, insurance, and health care benefits.
  • NOT eligible for overtime pay or paid time off.
  • Responsible for calculating federal, state and local taxes and paying them annually.
  • Pays higher rates for Social Security and Medicare taxes – up to twice the amount.
  • Must Self-Fund any retirement savings.
  • Does NOT receive Workers’ Compensation insurance.
  • NOT guaranteed payment for time training or for continued education.
  • Holds ALL responsibility and risk exposure.
  • Independent, working on their own.
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W-2 Employee

  • Employer pays half of the W-2 employees taxes resulting in higher annyal pay overall.
  • Eligible for BOTH overtime pay and paid time off.
  • Employer calculates and ensures withholding for federal, state and local taxes.
  • Lower Social Security and Medicare taxes.
  • Employer provides 401k matching contributions.
  • Provided with Workers’ Compensation insurance.
  • Provided paid training, support tools and materials, and continued education.
  • Employer manages risk exposure.
  • Part of a supportive team of caregivers.

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