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Here for Energy Workers and their Medical Providers

CNS Cares was founded by nurses to provide high quality, compassionate home health care for former energy workers. We also help these patients prepare and file Department of Labor claims to gain access to services at no cost. We often work with their physician to ensure they receive all the benefits they are eligible for under the EEOICPA and RECA programs.

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Smooth the Transition from Hospital to Home.

CNS Cares eases the transition from hospital to home. Our highly skilled, compassionate nurses provide quality care in the home to consistently follow treatment protocols and support the patient’s recovery.

Our goal is to help our patients maintain their health and independence at home. We treat our patients like family and give their families support and peace of mind.

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Let Us Help Your Patients Access No Cost In-Home Care.

  • We can provide guidance to ensure all medical records are complete and ready for filing to meet DOL claims requirements.
  • We can accompany the patient to key doctor visits.
  • We can help patients file for benefits even if a previous claim was denied.
  • We monitor changes in the patient’s health to help them access additional benefits as their needs change over time.
  • There is no cost or commission to your patient for our services.
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Hear From Our Patients & Families

Who You Choose Matters.

Talk to us about how we can help you care for your patients.

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CNS Cares is a great company. You can see that they care about what is best for their patients and their employees.


Experienced. Licensed. Trusted.

Since 2006, CNS Cares has built a reputation as a fully-licensed home care provider.

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