Connect Family Caregivers To Compensation

Once the DOL White Card issued, any family members who provide care in the home may be eligible for compensation. CNS Cares makes Family Caregivers our direct employees (not independent contractors). We offer competitive wages. We work out any employment taxes. And we may be able to offer additional employment benefits. Don’t miss out on getting paid for things you’re already doing.

Caregiver Support Activities may include:

  • Bathing & Dressing
  • Medication Reminders
  • Coordinating Medical Appointments
  • Driving to Medical Appointments
  • Meal Preparation
husband and supportive wife as his authorized representative

Connect Family Caregivers To Compensation

a quote

“We can’t say enough about the nurses at CNS Cares. It couldn’t be any better for my mom and our family. They’ve been able to help us with everything.”

Terry K., Relative